Mini-Grants In Action!

June 13, 2024

Currituck Education Foundation,

Foreign Language Communication on Familiar Platforms - A project designed and implemented by: Amanda Faith Lowman, M.Ed. This project was implemented by the students taking Spanish II and III honors at Currituck County High School and fully funded by the Currituck Education Foundation in the Spring of 2024. ¡Muchísimas Gracias Currituck Education Foundation, Currituck County Schools and Ms. Emili Snow for bringing this lab space to fruition!

Señora Amanda Faith Lowman, M.Ed.
Maestra de español I, II y III de honores
Currituck County High School

Click here to view the Google Slides presentation!

June 11, 2024

Currituck Education Foundation,

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Currituck Education Foundation for selecting our 4th graders and us for the mini-grant. We would like to share a brief summary of our project:

Blubber Lab Summary
Students enjoyed creating gloves stuffed with lard which demonstrated how animal blubber keeps animals warm in arctic conditions. Most students were shocked at how cold the ice water was when they put their bare hands in. They were curious as to how the lard would make a big enough difference to matter. They squished the lard inside the large baggie and then placed a smaller bag inside and taped up around the edges to keep the lard from coming out. They quickly made the connection. They were excited to take pictures which we shared with parents on ClassDoJo and share their experiences at home.

Owl Pellets Summary
Students worked in groups to dissect owl pellets. They were amazed at how the owl can compact the fur and bones and then expel them. They used dissection mats and examined the bones and matched them to the different prey animals on the mat. There were a few students who were completely grossed out and opted to just observe their friends. Students wanted to take some of the bones home to show their families and retell their findings and explain the owl adaptations and lab to their families.

Bird Beaks Summary
Students were put into groups of 4 and used different types of utensils in place of different bird beaks and related how those beaks have adapted to ensure the bird thrives in their habitat. The students raced to see how many worms (strings), bugs (raisins), fish (swedish fish), and snails (black beans), they could eat/remove from their pan. Students then made the connection between the bird's beak adaptation, soil type its prey is found and habitat.

Students loved the hands-on and engaging unit on animal adaptations thanks to the Currituck Education Foundation! We are truly grateful and appreciate this partnership with you!

Winter Turner & Katrina Costello
Fourth Grade Teachers
Moyock Elementary School

Blubber Lab Photos

Owl Pellets Photos

Bird Beaks Photos

June 4, 2024

Currituck Education Foundation,

Thank you so much for the monetary donation to our art classes! Although I am the teacher who wrote for the grant, all three visual arts teachers and our students have been able to utilize the new dremels. This has been a wonderful addition to our classrooms, and will be used for years to come. This year we experimented with the capabilities of the tools, and worked on various projects like cutting and carving wood, sculpting the bottoms of skateboards, and testing them on different recycled materials. I am including just a small sample of photos where we were able to work with students and scrap wood provided by the construction class.

We would like to genuinely thank you for giving our CCHS art students the opportunity to work with some non-traditional art-making tools. I'm personally so thankful that we will be able to share with students for many years to come!

Sara Linehan
Visual Arts Teacher
Currituck County High School

March 26, 2024

Dear CEF,

JP Knapp Physical Science students participated in the STEM Field Trip to the VA Air & Space Museum on March 20, 2024. I cannot thank you enough for this invaluable experience, which offered numerous benefits for my students:

1. Hands-on Learning: Engaging in a space challenge where students had to design and create a landing device for an egg astronaut allows them to apply their knowledge of forces such as gravity and air resistance in a practical setting. This hands-on activity fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

2. Real-world Application: By participating in the space challenge, students can see how the principles they learn in the classroom apply to real-world situations, such as designing equipment for space exploration. This connection between theory and practice enhances their understanding and appreciation of STEM concepts.

3. Interactive Exhibits: Interacting with exhibits at the Air and Space Museum provided students with a tangible experience of aerospace technology, history, and innovation. They explored spacecraft, artifacts, and interactive displays that showcase the advancements made in aviation and space exploration.

4. Visual Learning: Watching an IMAX movie that demonstrates how astronauts practice spacewalks and repairs underwater offers students a visually immersive experience. This allowed them to witness complex concepts, such as extravehicular activities (EVA), in action, enhancing their understanding of space missions and astronaut training.

5. Inspiration and Motivation: Visiting a museum dedicated to air and space exploration can inspire students to pursue careers in STEM fields. Experiencing the achievements of pioneers in aviation and space travel firsthand can ignite their curiosity and passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

6. Experiential Learning: Engaging in activities and viewing exhibits at the museum provided students with an experiential learning opportunity that complements traditional classroom instruction. This hands-on, sensory-rich experience can deepen their understanding of STEM concepts and foster a lifelong interest in science and technology.

Overall, a STEM field trip to the Air and Space Museum in Hampton, Virginia, offered my students a multifaceted learning experience that combined hands-on activities, interactive exhibits, visual demonstrations, and inspiration from the history of aerospace exploration. It has the potential to spark students' curiosity, enhance their understanding of STEM concepts, and inspire them to pursue careers in related fields.

Many Thanks,
Crystal Schultz
Physical Science and Chemistry Teacher
JP Knapp Early College High School

June 28, 2023

Currituck Education Foundation,

I wanted to take this opportunity to again say thank you for the award of the grant this spring. The funding permitted me to expand the project and provide more pieces of critical resources for my students to carry out the project. I've prepared a Google Slide Presentation that includes photographs and some important data. I'm more than happy to give a report in person (or virtually) should the Foundation like to ask questions or hear more. I could easily talk about this project and the impact for a long time. Thank you for your support.

Valerie A. Person
English Language Arts
Currituck County High School

Click here to view the Google Slides presentation!

June 22, 2023

Currituck Education Foundation,

Thank you again for the Currituck Education Foundation grant of $300.00 for the project Word Mapping - The Science of Reading. I purchased all of the materials that were listed in my proposal, and we were able to start using them immediately.

The children were very excited to use the resources that were purchased. They were more engaged and enjoyed practicing their word mapping skills in small groups and one to one.

We saw great improvement in their state assessment scores and progress monitoring, and I expect to see this even more next year having these materials from the start. Final data has not been shared with us from the results of state testing, but I would expect us to move away from a low performing school. The percentages of proficiency look much stronger at the end of the year.

Thank you again for the grant and the support you provide for the children and teachers of Currituck County. We definitely would not have been able to get these resources without you, and they will continue to be used for years to come. Have a wonderful day!

Jennifer Barnes
Title 1
Central Elementary School

June 21, 2023

Currituck Education Foundation,

I want to thank the Currituck Education Foundation for allowing me to apply and receive this grant. The social/emotional health of teens is declining according to data being reported and I see it every day. Creative corners where students can express themselves is a great way to help them cope and destress. The idea of a Lego Wall was actually the idea of one of my students, together with my assistant, we three came up with the idea to apply for a grant. Having the Currituck Education Foundation make it into a reality is so wonderful.

I was not able to purchase the products before the end of fiscal year. I am sending pictures of what will be ordered. Mr. Lowe will send real life pictures after it is assembled in the JP Knapp Media Center. We will have enough to pay for shipping as well as to purchase material so that Mrs. Samborski can make a cushion for the bench seat near our "Lego your Worries Wall" space.

Again, thanks to the Currituck Education Foundation for all you do for our Currituck County students!

Sue Walker Boone
School Counselor
JP Knapp Early College High School

June 20, 2023

Currituck Education Foundation,

Our students were extremely grateful for the 27 new books that focused on Military family experiences and careers. During our Military Purple Star Week, students previewed the books and shared them with classmates. These books will be a great support for many years. Thank you so much.

Shelly Haskell
Media and Technology
Knotts Island Elementary School

May 19, 2022

Currituck Education Foundation,

Once again we thank you for your grant donation for the Jarvisburg Elementary School Garden Project. We were able to replace two rotted beds with metal ones. We bought soil, strawberry plants, flower seeds and water hoses. The students in third grade and first grade have been busy using them. The AG classes from the High School came and helped the first grade. We are hoping to soon pick a few berries. It looks so good. Thanks again.

Dana Newbern
3rd Grade
Jarvisburg Elementary School

March 26, 2022

Dear Friends of Currituck Education Foundation Inc.,

NCPK of Central Elementary would like to thank you for the privilege of awarding us a grant this year. (Light Filters For Concentration)

Their reaction and excitement was wonderful to see. They immediately started conversations on what they saw and which light was their favorite. Their reaction is something I will never forget.

The NCPK Family
(Khalayia, Tah'J, Sophia, Ryder, Roman, Ripley, Paxton, Milani, Marlowe, Lily, Layla, Kimarie, Jeremy, Emmery, Emma, Carson, Blake, Miss Pierro and Mrs. Kim)

Danna L. Pierro
North Carolina Pre-K Teacher
Central Elementary

September 21, 2021

Dear Currituck Education Foundation,

Thank you so much for the money to fund my "read and ride" reading and wellness initiative! With this money, I was able to purchase two desk cycles and some fitness and wellness books. Students are able to come to the library to read while pedaling on the desk cycles. The cycles are a big hit. The students really look forward to being able to read and ride! All of Jarvisburg Elementary's students from Kindergarten to 5th grade are able to use them. During virtual teaching our teachers even got a turn with them. In the picture you can see a kindergartener and a 4th grader exercising their brains along with their body! Thanks Currituck Education Foundation!!

Molly Parker
Media Specialist
Jarvisburg Elementary School

May 26, 2021

Dear Currituck Education Foundation, Inc.,

Brandy Boyd of Currituck County High School was a mini-grant recipient to "Help Build a Reading Library for Adaptive/Life Skills students." The information they will learn in the classroom is very important for these students to be able to recall when trying to apply for a job or cooking themselves a simple recipe. Funding will grow the reading library and purchase games used to support vocabulary development and information recall. This mini-grant was sponsored by Allison Nekervis/Currituck Area Holdings, LLC. Here are pictures of my students with some of the items I purchased with the grant money. My students loved everything!

Brandy Boyd
Life Skills EC Teacher
Currituck County High School

March 18, 2020

Dear Currituck Education Foundation, Inc.,

Thank you so much for the $200 grant that you awarded my class for the implementation of a relevant and functional reading program for my Exceptional Children's classroom at Currituck Middle School. This program is called News-2-You. You can find more information about this program at https://www.n2y.com/news-2-you/. The program provides grade-level current event articles at a level that struggling students can easily understand. There are cross-curricular activities that go along with each article, and students can practice reading, writing, vocabulary, math, and other activities each week. I love this program because the content is relevant to my middle school students, but it's presented in a format that is easily accessible for all types of learners. The program includes SMARTBoard activities as well as paper/pencil worksheets that enhance the skills we are learning. All of the activities are tied to the NC Standard Course of Study. Additionally, while the schools are closed for the COVID-19 pandemic, I am able to use the activities in order to reach my students remotely. Attached you will find a copy of the receipt of payment for the program, documenting how the funds you granted were spent. Also, some pictures of my students using the program (Pre-COVID-19), both on the Smartboard and the paper activities. Thank you again for your wonderful grant.

Shelby Hughes
Currituck County Middle School

December 2, 2019

Dear Currituck Education Foundation Board,

I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the Currituck Education Foundation's grant in the amount of $500 for the Light Table Project. Your generosity has given us the monetary means to purchase a Light Table, a set of Light Table Pegs and Pegboard, and a set of Crystal Climbers from Lakeshore.

As the children use the light table during their center time, they are practicing the skills and goals they will need as lifelong learners:
• Attentiveness, effort and persistence
• Problem solving and flexibility
• Curiosity, information-seeking and eagerness
• Developing a sense of self and a sense of self with others
• Motor development
• Learning to communicate
• Scientific exploration and knowledge
• Mathematical thinking and expression
• Social connections
• Creative Expressions
• Construction of Knowledge: Thinking and Reasoning

Enclosed you will see pictures of the children, in my class, finding joy in learning with these wonderful new tools. Preschool wholeheartedly thanks you for your generosity and support. We are so truly thankful.

Danna L. Pierro
Exceptional Children's Preschool
Shawboro Elementary

Practicing social skills and communication as we explore.

Using the light table to refocus and reset
after having big feelings and emotions.

Discovering that our table changes colors.

Dear Currituck Education Foundation Members,

Here are a few photos showing you what Currituck County Middle School students have been making with the new Makerspace tools and supplies we bought with the grant money you so generously gave us this spring. In these particular photos, students were working on a passion project - a self-directed project where they could make really anything they wanted to! You will see how creative they were... thanks again for supporting the teachers and students here at CCMS.

Cindy Walker, Library Media Coordinator
Currituck County Middle School

Mini-Grant Recipients
February 2021

In February 2021, CEF awarded five mini-grants for projects in the Currituck County Schools. The grants were awarded as follows: $238.76 to Brandy Boyd, $192.88 to Erica Phillips, $150.00 to Jennifer Robinson, $494.25 to Jill Turner, $508.13 to Helen Taylor.

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Mini-Grant Recipients
September 2020

In September 2020, CEF awarded four mini-grants for projects in the Currituck County Schools. The grants were awarded as follows: $500 to Molly Parker, $500 to Loren Cartwright, $250 to Dr. Donna Corbo, $250 to Angela Blocher.

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Mini-Grant Recipients
October 2019

In October 2019, CEF awarded four mini-grants for projects in the Currituck County Schools. The grants were awarded as follows: $500 to Danna Pierro, $500 to Sarah Lindsay, $300 to Jamie Miller, $200 to Shelby Hughes.

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Mini-Grant Recipients
February 2019

CEF awarded 2 mini-grants of $250 and 2 mini-grants of $500 for projects in the Currituck County Schools. The grants were awarded to Judy Bulkley, Cindy Walker, Valerie Person, and Anita Rubino.

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Mini-Grant Recipients
April 2018

The Currituck Education Foundation recently awarded four mini-grants of up to $250 for projects in the Currituck County Schools. The grants were awarded to Maria Del Acqua, Brittney Barefield, Diane Davenport, Helen Taylor, Sandy Reynolds, and Carly Osmon.

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