Board of Directors

Cameron Lowe, Chair

Josh Bass, Vice Chair

Dorsey Harris, Secretary

Iris Meekins, Treasurer

Candace Biecker

Renee Dowdy

Theresa Dozier

Courtney Gallop

Denise Hall

David Morgan

Megan Morgan

Sue Powers

Janet Rose

Laura Salmons

Mary Simmons

History of the Currituck Education Foundation

The Currituck Education Foundation, Inc. (CEF) has had a short but successful stint and is moving forward to support the students and educators in the Currituck County Public Schools.

The CEF had its inception based on conversations between Josh Bass, president of the Currituck Chamber of Commerce and leadership of the Currituck Chapter of the North Carolina Retired School Personnel (Currituck NCRSP).

After seeking Mark Stefanik�s approval, the Currituck NCRSP moved to begin the implementation of an Education Foundation here in Currituck County. Currituck was the only Albemarle Area county without a Foundation to support its schools. An exploratory meeting was held on Wednesday, July 27, 2016. It was decided an organization which is a 501(c)(3) was needed as a venue to accept donations and disseminate monies to educators for the benefit of the schools.

Plans moved forward and the fruition of the Currituck Education Foundation, Inc was recognized. Other stakeholders joined in and a Board was formed. Since that time, the CEF has engaged in fundraising and collecting donations. We are engaged in making our schools better here in Currituck County. We are growing stronger but need your support in order for us to help our educators and school personnel.

Currituck Education Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 74
Coinjock, NC 27923

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